Re: My Two Columns Revisited

Ben C wrote:
On 2007-03-19, aljones <al@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Could you all take a look at and tell me please,

The url seems to have stopped working.
My host sometimes to be a little intermittent ... not good but cheap.

why I now have a blank line showing up above the banner. It appears differently in FF and Opera but it's there in both. It came when I got the H1 text correctly centered horizontally - I've looked at that again and again as I've put the second page together, but I can't see where it comes from.

But I remember the blank line, it's quite an interesting one.
NO IT'S NOT! It's frustrating as all getout!

It's a collapsed margin. The <h1>'s top margin is collapsed with the top
margin of body, even though there are two floats between the <h1> and
the top of body. They're not "in the flow" remember.
Ah, I think I understand that - from FF it was obvious that it was the H1, but I could see why.

That's a really tricky situation to lay out so I'm not surprised if
you're getting different results between browsers, although I think FF
gets it right.

If you want to get rid of the blank line, just give #banner padding-top:
and of course it worked like a charm, thanks.


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