What's wrong with this code??

It's true: I don't know much about HTML; but am trying to learn. The code
below is from a page on my personal site. It was originally done with
PageMill v.3. I know, I know, but I've had no major problems with it
before, even if it is obsolete.

The problem is, when I load this page, the word "Indiana" above the Bobbitt
family should display following the word "Elnora," as above the first
graphic. I've looked at this code so long and so many times that I know I'm
missing something simple.

Can you...will you...help me here?

Thanks in advance.


<BODY BACKGROUND="bkgrnd_prchmnt_green.jpg" TEXT="#004000">

<TD WIDTH="50%">
<P><CENTER><B>Tom and Mary Mathewson family, ca. 1905<BR>
Elnora, Indiana, </B><IMG SRC="tomandmary_family.jpg" WIDTH="339"
Curtis, his wife Inez, Lev, Grace, Grover<BR>
Center: Guy, Opal, Norman<BR>
Seated: Grandma Mary, Lelah, Grandpa Tom&nbsp;</B></CENTER></TD>
<TD WIDTH="50%">
<P><CENTER><B>Joe and Dora Bobbitt family, ca. 1900<BR>
Elnora, Indiana,</B><IMG SRC="joe_and_dora_bobbitt_family.jpg"
<B>Rear: Joseph, Jessie, Gussie, Georgia<BR>
Front: Hugh (&quot;Peck&quot;), Grandpa Joe, Avey, Grandma

<P><CENTER><HR><B><A HREF="index.htm">Back to Start</A><FONT COLOR="#004000"
SIZE="+1"> </FONT>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<A
grandparents2.htm="">More from Mom and Dad</A></B></CENTER>



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