IE peekaboo?

I did up a page for a dog club's website and the "webmaster" says that the content text is not showing in IE6. Now it does have two floated elements and does produce a white artifact sometimes appear *behind* the content text which will disappear upon reload or resizing the window. A peekaboo like problem but I see all the text! I have tested in IEv4-6, v4 does break and IE5.01 doubles the top margin in the body text, phffff! So what--it's IE! ;-) But I cannot reproduce *his* problem and have checked it with 3 different computers.

Here is a mockup of the page.
Yankee Pug Dog Club - 2007 Fund Raiser

Anyone else with IE have trouble with the page in IE, or is the problem in this guy's browser...

Take care,