Re: Hiding email address from spam bots

patrick j wrote:


I'm just putting together a web-page onwhich I am going to include an
email address in a "mailto" link.

To hide it from the spam bots I'm going to use ASCII codes for each
character of the email address.

What I'm wondering is: will this work if I actually display the email
address in the web-page as well as put it in the href for the "mailto"

The reason I ask is that a human being will be able to see and even copy
and paste the email address from the web-page. Will a spam bot be able to
"see" it as well?

In theory, if a browser can display it as an email address, then someone can
write a spam bot to 'read' it too. If you throw something extra into the
email address, then it takes some level of intelligence to delete 'DELETE
THIS' from the meDELETE@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The problem is if you expect
non-computer literate people to browse the site - they might not clue in to
what needs to be done and get really frustrated when they try to email you.

There are also java scripts that can display the email address but hide it
from bots - however some of us have java script disabled, so we won't se

Have you thought about a link to a php form that has the server send you the
email? No ability to harvest the email address, since there is no
published email address.

Carolyn Marenger