Re: color safe

News wrote:
Is it true that there is a limited number of colors that can be rendered on
the internet?

If this is true, where can I go to learn about it?

Will the colors in an image be altered if the colors are not the correct

At one time only a limited number of colors could be rendered the same
by the then current, but now ancient, browsers. However all of the most
popular recent browsers are capable of rendering millions of colors
properly. One exception is for a few of the old WebTV(now MSNTV) boxes,
with their bowser browsers, still in use, which have only 8-bit color
depth, but the newer MSNTV boxes use a watered down IE6 browser and
render color the same as a normal IE6 browser.

Just because the browser is capable of millions of colors does not mean
that all image formats can use all of these. For example, the gif
allows only a very limited range of colors, making it best for
animations, poster-like images, etc. However the jpg and png can handle
a full color range. Thus for accurate colors for photographs, a gif
should be avoided.