Re: creating html page

To further the education of mankind, Toby Inkster
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Do you mean the file name of the document or title of the document?
If the latter, a little php makes it a cinch.

The former ain't much harder:

# call this file "foo.php".

if (strlen($_SERVER['PATH_INFO']))
print "This is {$_SERVER['PATH_INFO']}";
elseif (strlen($_GET['name']))
header("Location: foo.php/{$_GET['name']}");
<form action="foo.php" method="get">
<input name="name">
<input type="submit">

and then visit foo.php.

Since this is Friday, I'm not sure I follow that. Okay, if the form is
submitted with a 'name', it redirects to foo.php/name. What is $_SERVER
['PATH_INFO'] for, and how does this create a user-named document?

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