Re: Live clock and associated links

No....i'm really talking about changing a link depending on the time of

Then you're going about it the hard way. It sounded like you want to draw a picture (clock) that's different depending on the time of day, and then changing the link based on a mouse click's relationship to the picture.

A server script can figure out the server's time of day, but probably doesn't know the client's time of day. A client side script can probably determine the client's time of day, and be given the server's time of day, and pick from a list of links. And you can have a single link (current_link.html) which points to a page which the server updates depending on the server's time of day (this of course requires the cooperation of the hosting company).

However, all of this sounds like fluff that a new user might think "cool" the first time, but adds little or nothing to the web site. Instead of saying "I want to do this_cool_thus_and_such", pretend you're the user who is saying "I want to accomplish this" and then design your website accordingly.

Back to your original post:

Could i have a live clock on a webpage and a small area on the page
changes it's picture and link with each second or 60 seconds etc. So
for example, the time is 08:00 and a jpg with link when clicked will go

to a website about breakfast; then at 12:00 the picture and link
changes to a website about lunch etc.

Using this example, first, I would never think to click on a clock to go to a food website. Second, it might be lunch time and I want to see what was, or will be for breakfast. Your scheme prevents that.

I would have three links: breakfast, lunch, dinner. I would trust the user to know what meal they are interested in, and click the appropriate link. I suppose this is low on the cool factor, but high on the useful factor. It solves the user's problem (I want to know my dinner options this morning while I'm on the net, and before I go on the outing).

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