Re: Firefox and cache

David Graham wrote:
> "Jonathan N. Little" <lws4art@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:43cabc11$0$8272$cb0e7fc6@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> 'about:cache' without quotes in the address bar...
> The entry in the list which is my downloaded .swf points back to the
> original website:

If you are online when you click the links in the cache list, the
browser may get a fresh copy from the site.

If you switch the browser to offline mode, then click on the links in
the cache list, it will load the files from your cache. You can Save As
from there if you want.

> Why can't I find a nice simple looking
> controller.swf for me to put into a html file?

I do hope you weren't considering stealing the flash movie that's in
your cache. That would be rude.

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