Re: OT: What is happening in Sydney?

"dorayme" <dorayme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> skrev i meddelandet
> > From: "Luigi Donatello Asero" <jaggillarfotboll@xxxxxxxxx>
> > As far as I understand there are many people living in Australia who
> > in this NG.
> > Therefore I would like to ask you what is happening over there in Sydney
> > (see the article on the following newspaper)
> >
> It is a matter of terrible shame for a very great number of people here.
> Perhaps read the The Sydney Morning Herald to get a better idea of it....
> --
> dorayme
I have had a look.
When talking about newspapers in Australia which ones do you prefer?
Are there many newspapers in Sydney?
Could you compare somehow the riots in Sydney with the ones in France in
Paris or do you think that they have completely different reasons?

Luigi Donatello Asero


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