Re: Help with frames

> From: "Alan J. Flavell" <flavell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> On Fri, 4 Nov 2005, dorayme wrote:
>> It makes perfect sense to me. Why he wants a frames page is not
>> part of the question he asked.
> Welcome to Usenet. Post a question, and the Usenauts take it as
> a starting point for a discussion. If that happens to answer the
> question, you can consider that as a lucky accident.
> [Freely adapted from a usenet original, sorry.]
> I must say that anyone who posts here about frames, without including
> some kind of explanation or disclaimer, reveals that they are treating
> usenet as a write-only medium: no-one who has been reading here for
> even a minumum induction period could be unaware of the climate of
> opinion about them.

You are quite right about a lot of things. The context of my
remark was someone saying that the question "doesn't make a lot
of sense". The point of my slight irritation was that there is
no need to sort of pretend (is this the right word or too
strong?) that one does not understand a simple enough
question... One can and should raise questions and discussions
without such devices or pretences.

I notice you wise-tell about the essential nature of usenet. Me,
I don't think it /has/ an essential nature. It is a whole lot of
earthlings and a few infiltrators saying things... (I include
Queenslanders as well as Martians in the latter category)

Anyway, what has this to do with html/css?