Re: css hack for IE: is using the * acceptable

Toby Inkster wrote:
> windandwaves wrote:
>> Someone taught me that using the following is like an IE hack:
>> div#mydiv {padding: 10px; * padding: 12px;}
> I've never seen this, and don't know whether it works, but it's
> invalid. Better to do something like:
> DIV#mydiv
> { padding: 10px; }
> { padding: 12px; }
> which works and is valid.

It works fine. Your example I think works the other way. It works in all
browsers but IE

What I do is that I work out using php what browser it is and then serve a
different stylesheet.

However, I noticed that the asterix works fine. Just try it. It is
invalid, but that is the exact reason you do it. So that firefox, etc... do
not go for the padding 12px, while IE ignores the * and applies padding


- Nicolaas


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