Re: does anyone have an cool code for html?

With neither quill nor qualm, Travis Newbury quothed:

> Neredbojias wrote:
> > > And I just stated that the democrats are exaclty the same.
> > Similar in ways, yes. The same: no. Their sugar daddies are
> > diametrically opposed and I so happen to ally myself more with the peon
> > than with the elitest.
> The problem is NOT democrat or republican. It is the career politician
> on either side. (in any country)

I believe that is true to a high percentage, but there are still some
fundamentals of the Rep. party that are really quite un-American in
scope. You might compare them to the tenets of a hypothetical and non-
racial ku klux klan.

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

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