Re: OT (?)... Don Henley Wants This Domain

With neither quill nor qualm, HeckuvaGuy quothed:

> Perhaps off-topic, but interesting.
> I have been contacted by the lawyers for rock musician Don Henley,
> demanding that I turn this domain over to him. They seem to think that
> people might mistake me for him, even though I inform EVERYBODY that I
> am not! Hey, it's obvious that these guys have never heard me singing
> in the shower. Ouch!
> now make sure you don't name your kids after someone who may become
> famous...

I didn't read that whole dispute thing, but it's all about the money.
Get a lawyer yourself, offer him a third, and offer to sell the domain
for $500,000 or whatever your lawyer suggests. Believe me, this is
nothing but a "legal scam", but you'll need representation to win out.

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

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