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dorayme wrote:

But I sense that you are wanting to have a file that is the web page itself somehow, in it's full expression. When you double click this one file with no pic files or any others needed, it opens in a browser in its full glory. Fine.

This is pretty much what happens when you save a web page in *some*
browsers. The browsers that have this capability ask you whether you
want to save the HTML itself or as a "web archive". Different browsers
do it different. For example, my IE 5 for a Mac asks this and has its
secret formula for doing it. You get a file that embeds all, there are
no associated files, no distinguishable pic files, html text files, css
files. It is all in a top secret proprietary coca cola formulae. It is
quite neat. The advantages are not great though, more a curiosity (there
are some pros and some cons).

So, you could open your original html in a browser like IE 5 for the
Mac, it will find the picture and display it. You could then save as a
web archive. You then could throw out your pic or move the web archive
to a CD and play it on another computer and your pic and all will
appear. You can recover the original files by looking and saving the
source code and saving the pics etc (the reverse). One little curiosity
is that you cannot easily recover any linked css file! Even though it
has been plainly taken into account. IE Mac developers have been
thinking hard and have done something quite clever and not a little

Some browsers merely save all the files when you want to save the
whole web page (or site, I will leave this complication out). For
example, my WaMCom Mozilla open source 1.3 calls it saving as a "Web
page, complete". Now what happens here is different to IE, here the
program simply saves the html and puts pics and linked css files in a
folder (just one level under the html) - basically and approximately
recovering the sort of arrangement that the web designer had on his
computer. Here there would be no advantage for you given that you perhaps
see an advantage in the "all embedded" secret technology of MS in IE.

Personally I like the way Mozilla does it because it is more transparent
and saves you work when you want to get all the files (to save and learn
from or change them, perhaps offline).

It is maybe rather different in the PC world. It is an interesting
matter though.

If you are looking for the single file option, MSIE saves in a single-file archive format MHT. It is a MS format so compatibility is an issue. Mozilla has it own single-file archive format MAF. Installing the extension does also allow reading of the MHT format, but this may not be an answer for all browsers.

Maybe an HTML document is not what you want, but something more like an Adobe Acrobat PDF, or since this is to be on disk abandon the web page concept entirely and do a PowerPoint presentation!

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