Longines crowns was Re: this is why we don't have nice things, or DC-area watch repair redux

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I've had excellent results with Continental Jewelers on Connecticut
Avenue in Washington, DC. And someone on this group posted a very
good experience with a german jeweler in a small strip mall on
Columbia Pike in Arlington. It's just past Four Mile Run at the
intersection of Dinwiddie & Columbia Pike on the north side of the

Hello, and it's Werner Jewelers. Did a mainspring replacement and
cleaning of my Rolex GMT Master a couple of months back at a cost of
$300.00. Sincerely,

Followup to a really old post. Looked this thread up over the holidays and dropped my watch off at Werner. Picked it up today with a new stem and strap for a total of $60. (strap was $20) watchmaker was not there but the gent behind the counter seemed receptive to taking in more old watches for repair and showed me a very nice Gruen Verithin that another customer had dropped off to be worked on. Thanks for the tip. I would have never thought to go there without the recommend, given the neighborhood, but I guess low rent = low prices.


Forgot to mention, I did have a question - does anyone know what the "original" crown should look like on my watch? Or better yet, have a pic of one? Not sure if it should be plain or signed. It's a men's wristwatch, stainless steel, no model number on face but looks very much like this one


but it is not marked "Flagship" and has center seconds instead of sub seconds.

I know, it's a niggling little detail, but if it *should* have a signed crown through the miracles of the interwebs I bet i could find one.



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