Re: She brought down the gov. What kind of watch is that?

Ashley apparently goes "both ways" -

In this photo, note she wears her watch on her other hand.

This whore should enjoy her undeserved moment of celebrity while she can -
like the meter on her "clients' " time, her 15 minutes will be over soon, so
she should cash in while the cashin' is good. Hopefully it won't all go up
her nose like the rest of her earnings from whoring.

The watch looks like a man's watch - maybe something she lifted from one of
her Johns? A present from her pimp?

Spitzer was himself a humorless moralizing hypocrite so his downfall was
well deserved, but the whole story raises troubling implications -
apparently Big Brother is watching our financial transactions more closely
than we think. Everyone who wants your bank to snitch on you to the
government every time you withdraw more than $5,000 from the bank, please
raise your hand. The Founding Fathers (who did a fair bit of time in whore
houses - Ben Franklin apparently had illegitimate offspring sprinkled over
two continents) would surely think that how we spend our own money is none
of the government's business. If Spitzer was an effective governor (and he
wasn't) then a visit or two (or 10) with a whore would not have made him
less so. In this age of supposed sexual liberation where it's OK for men to
marry other men and perhaps sheep someday, we are surprisingly (and
selectively) puritanical sometimes - compare the situation of Congressman
Barney Frank - not only did he hire a male prostitute, he moved him into his
home and the man ran a whorehouse from the Congressman's apartment. I'm not
making this up.
Frank remains in Congress to this day, but Spitzer could not survive more
than a few days as governor. Why the distinction? Is a taste for young
ladies instead of men nowadays the greater sin? How was Bill's relationship
with Monica more forgivable? Because Bill confined his gifts to blue
dresses and books of poetry instead of paying cash?

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