John S. wrote:
I'm sure he is a stand up guy who has put a lot of effort in designing
the a watch winder that actually do what it is intended. Indeed I
vaguely remember one or two interesting discussions with him on this
forum. But the winder is clearly in production in completely finished
cases, so it is in no way a beta test of a pre-production unit. If
Beta Testers were truly testing and providing feedback on the
functionality of unproven winding movements then it would make no
sense to case them up. If the unit for sale was described as a
reduced price offer to members of Timezone (and others who read about
it) then I would have no complaint. But it isn't.

And i would like to read about the longevity of batteries used to
power a watch winder.

Jeez, guys... Beta/Schmeta it's a Orbita winder, nicely finished wood case. With their reputation do you really think they'd peddle crap to a group that networks and talks up (and down) the good, bad and ugly of the watch world?

$200 delivered. Look at the Chinese crap on Ebay, etc. By the time you've added in the S&H you'll spend over a $125 for a winder that will make enough noise to replace the "white noise" generator in your bedroom (well, some of us use them<g>)for a year or so before it craps out.

As for battery life... Use a little common sense. Look at the other battery only units on their website. I didn't see ANY that offered less than 2 years on the battery. So, one or two "D" or "C" alkalines? Even four are going to cost you what? $4? What are you winding in the damn thing, a freakin' Timex or a Pan, Rolex or Omega, etc.?

Frankly, much of this thread reminds me of the old line "if you have to ask, you can't afford it."

About the only question I have that's not answered on the linked site is the question of warranty on these particular units. What happens, Chuck, if the beta unit takes the big nap next December?

I'm leaning towards taking him up on the offer. Very little not to like about the deal if you ask me - all you have to do is give him some feedback and, I submit, this thread is NOT the kind of feedback he was looking for.