Re: Help setting old watch

An associate of my gf decided to discard a watch.

Because the minute hand won't set, I think.

Is it a certainty there is another stop?

Not past the time set position, I think.

Current Ronda have first click for date, second for time. My opinion is
that some of the early Swiss forays into quartz timekeeping were less
than stelar. If you are willing to wait for the correct minute, you may
be able to set the watch that way. Maybe good for occasional wear. And
since the construction of quartz watches consists of lots of tin and
plastic and few jewels, I think that 20 years is near the expected
functional life of the movt.

Could the watch be broken
already? Maybe that is why it was discarded.


(PS My gf said it reminded her of my Mickey Mouse watch, except it has
class. Female logic!)

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