Re: Alert -> Looking for a watch winder on eBay ? Carefull with ctideals seller !

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Richard Sexton wrote:
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barbaganusio <barbaganusio@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Be careful when buying from the eBay seller ctideals !!!

I recently purchased a watch winder on ebay from the ctideals seller.
The watch winder was delivered on time. The only issue with the item is
that it doesn't work. I called the seller several times (Niche
Marketing International) and went to a fishy recorded menu that goes no
where but to a recorded message stating something like "all customer
service representative are currently busy helping other customers...",
"leave your name, telephone ...blah...blah...blah, and we will contact
you within the next 24 hours"

I called several times , nobody got back to me. I also sent several
emails and got no answers . Bottom line, I lost my money .

The details of ctideals seller, in case it changes its eBay alias, are:

Niche Marketing International
1545 Britannia Rd E
Unit 12
Missisauga ON L4W3C6
Phone 905-670-4700

I used to work near there. It's a small unit in an industrial mall.

Surely somebody can print this out and go drop in and point out that
50,000 poeple just read this and what are they going to do about it.

This is not some huge nameless faceless company.

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