Re: Recommend a manual watch

I dunno - I think there are about a million vintage watches on ebay that
look pretty similar, except with more character and that you could get for a
fraction of the price, even after a clean & lube and a new crystal and a
little buffing:

these go for next to nothing though many have chronometer movements - maybe
$40. If it says Omega on the dial, add a zero, if it says Rolex add two.

"Moka Java" <rtwatches@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Now that I actually see them for sale there are 2 things that put me off,
the 39mm size is big for me and they charge an additional $5o for blued
steel hands! C'mon! $50 more for hands! Not to mention another $50 for
blued steel movement screws which I don't need. The sub second model is
smaller at 35.5 mm and looks to have the same Presux based manual wind
movement as the Nomos.

R "the Nomos Orion has sexier lugs" TF

Jack Denver wrote:
They seem to list the USA as a destination, with 40 EU for shipping
Fedex. They also say that they've included VAT in the price. They should
take that off if they are sending the watch to the US, but they don't
appear to.

I'm not sure I'd pay 340 EURO (over $400 US) for a simple 2824 based
watch on a leather strap, even if it is nicely designed. At some point
the price no longer bears any relationship to the manufacturing cost . Of
course Rolex &its Swiss "luxury" friends passed that point a LONG time
ago and Stowa is only a modest offender.

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Moka Java wrote:

The Stowa Antea is a beautiful watch and I'd be happy to own one.
Unfortunately, I never see them for sale. The Stowa watches that I do
see for sale cost much more than the 300 EU price you quote. So, in
theory, the Stowa is a great buy.


You can get an Antea for that from Stowa's online shop.

I don't know if this URL will work, but...

-- Michael