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St. John Smythe wrote:
Mij Adyaw wrote:
I have no desire to wear a skirt. I just will never wear a tie because they
are useless and uncomfortable. They hired me for what is in my head and not
my looks. If they hired me for my looks, then they made a big mistake :-)

Nothing at all wrong with not wanting to wear a tie. But if you're of
that persuasion, then life is a better -- a LOT better -- if you pick an
employer that doesn't require them, rather than hiring on at someplace
that does, and then raising a stink. That is, as my friend Noah might
say, a terminally stupid move.


My wife and I take cruises on occasion, and most cruises have several
formal nights, where guests are encouraged to wear tuxedos orformal
clothing. I do not like taking a suit or tux along on a cruise, but
wearing informal clothes to a formal dinner is an indirect insult to
those who do enjoy dressing up and takes away from their enjoyment of a
formal dinner. I am sitting here this moment typing, my feet are on the
desk, I have on no socks or shoes, my cargo shorts are dirty around the
pockets and I have on a cruise ship tee shirt. I'm quite comfortable
and at peace with myself.

As I sit here at my desk, working in an office building for a Fortune
500 company, my feet are on the crossbar under my desk. I'm
wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I have socks on, but no shoes:
my dirty-looking ( but clean smelling! ) runners are sitting by
my cube wall. I haven't shaved in a couple of days.

Oh, and I've got a SKX009 on my wrist: it's the 200m Seiko
automatic diver with the Pepsi bezel, and it's on a jubilee

Nobody at work cares how I dress.

It's good to be a techie!


-- Michael


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