Re: Ruggedness?

Tony Stanford wrote:
On Thu, 20 Jul 2006, at 08:34:37, Tony Stanford <tonystanford@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote
You ever do this?

BTW, I ask because I have some auto Seikos that are not available for sale in this country, so the UK Seiko centre does not stock the gaskets, they tell me.

yes that would be right, some models are not sold in Australia either, try Smith & Smith <sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> to see if they can help or one of the USA suppliers

quote the case number and the part you want, ie; back gasket, crown gasket, crown in steel, etc.

I have some mixed packs of crown O-ring gaskets, but you can't just 'see' if they fit, as you can with a back gasket.

<shrugs> I do, not much help I know :)