Re: 6 size Elgin

dr-watch@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I just got this one in for service. It looks like someone dumped a
bottle of watch oil in it. Dirt and oil everywhere. The balance wheel
even has oil on the poising screws.

yuk, I hate it went they do that, they think a watch is like a sewing machine or car gear box and needs to be floating in oil.

Most of the time the designs of American watch movements are straight
forward, no bs. That's why I like them. But this 6 size has me stumped.
I cannot figure out how to let down the mainspring on this thing. I
don't see anything on the movement side and I don't see anything under
the dial. Can anyone help me out?

ok that model uses bascule? or rocker plate winding that either uses a pin to set the time or in this case a lever is pulled to set the time.

ratchet wheel is on the dial side, so the click is there too

I don't have one in front of me so I am going by memory, if you cannot see the click or only see part of it then look between the plates it may be attached to the inside of the lower plate, press the tail of the click down while slowly letting the mainspring down with the crown, if you still cannot see it look on the edge of the lower plate near where the click is, you may see a small hole, if its this type then use a piece of stiff wire in the hole to press the click tail down