Re: Opinions Please


I can see that you might be able to use this process
> to build applied indices, numerals, etc. that could
> then be cut free of the matrix and attached to a dial or
> to create an etched design on the face of the dial,

I thought of the latter. The thickness of the dial
material can be chosen and the "height" of the
"embossed" parts will be 1/2 of the material thickness.

All cutouts would then be etched from the back as well
in order to completely remove the base material in
these areas.

Another way would be to create a "stencil" sort of dial with cutouts for each of the numerals or indices that could be placed on top of a white (or other colored) underlayment. If the underdial was of electrolume material (or just plain old lume paint) you could get an interesting effect at night.

Sounds interesting.

See this bookmark and then underlying white page and imagine that the flower designs were a watch indices instead:

Yes, that way also skeleton-like designs are possible.

I remember that we also discussed similarly etched parts
as a kind of generalized "hands" (needn't look like the
traditional hands).

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