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On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 22:51:54 GMT, "Falky foo"
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>> In any case, whatever excess wear occurs from starting the watch "dry" is
>> probably more than counterbalanced by the fact that as long as the watch
>> sits in the drawer it is not experiencing any wear at all.
Yep, that was a very good point. :)

>I totally agree. To me their argument is like suggesting people keep their
>cars running all the time so that the oil stays warm and free-flowing.
>Outrageous. I would extend the analogy further. Just like if you rarely
>drive your car you're supposed to start it up and let it idle for 10 minutes
>or so every couple of weeks, I'd suggest if you don't wear your watches much
>you wind em up every month and let them run a day. But otherwise to keep
>them running just to run is a total waste IMHO.
With cars at least, there is a good argument for that. Look at taxis,
the reason those things keep going forever is because they are
generally ran three shifts and rarely ever cool down. Byweekly oil
change also helps.
However, it is an entirely different thing to lubricate a combustion
engine with it's high pressures and speed of parts and to lubricate a
watch which is lazy at best in comparison.

The idle speed of a 28,800 beat(480bpm) watch should be about 50 beats
per minute based on the 600RPM for the average six with it's 6000RPM

Hm, maybe we should design a watch that will idle when not in use ?
It would run for 10-12 days without a wind, but i guess the cannon
pinion and crown wear would be unacceptable.. ;-)


Regards, Frank

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