Re: Rolex warranty myth?

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> On Mon, 5 Dec 2005 14:56:20 +0800, "Fraser Johnston"
> <fraser@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Rolex is the Merc and Lexus, the Caprice could be an Ebel, the
>>> Commodores are the Seikos and Citizens..
>>Seikos and Citizens are the Toyota Camrys that suffer abuse for years and
>>keep ticking. Commodores have appauling build quality.
> As opposed to what ? They only have to compete against Ford and that's
> certainly not a hard job.
> All Aussie cars are still lacking if you compare them to a comparable
> models from Europe. I used to have heaps of fun when i bothered to pay
> to go to the Motor Shows and point out to the reps that the gaps
> between the body panels were quite uneven. Then you'd walk over and
> look at a Merc or BMW and hey, they must have owned a vernier caliper
> for at least the show car.

In the old days you could. Merc and BMW are no longer in the lead of build
quality. Lexus and Honda are 2 of the main players. Aussie cars are
terrible. If the Japs made a big RWD car they would sell like hotcakes over