Re: Seiko at Costco

AFAIK, Costco is not an authorized dealer for just about any brand of better
watch. High end brands such as Omega and even Seiko want their products
sold in jewelry shops and fancy department stores, not in warehouse clubs.
The same is true of "better" clothes and some of the other merchandise that
Costco sells. Not the groceries. Costco circumvents the manufacturers by
purchasing or importing "gray market" merchandise that has leaked from
unauthorized channels. Seiko, Omega, etc. are constantly trying to plug the
leaks - they go into the store, buy a watch, check the serial and find out
which authorized dealer has been reselling to Costco and pull his franchise.
Costco then has to find someone else. Maybe at the moment they are between
Seiko sources or maybe they just don't feel like carrying them or haven't
been able to score any bargains on them. Part of being a warehouse club is
not carrying a huge variety of items. Another part, especially in Costco, is
having either high end stuff or very cheap stuff but not in between. Their
ideal customer is say a doctor who comes in and loads up on paper towels for
his family and maybe buys an Omega watch or a large screen TV too. Then
again, you probably will go in 2 months from now and they will be back.

"Dennis Marks" <denmarks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Does anyone know why Seiko is no longer sold at Costco?
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