Re: Rolex warranty myth?

On 2005-12-02, Frank Adam <fajp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As for the Volvo, as i recall it was voted the most reliable and
> safest car(if most boring, slowest and ugliest brick in the street) in
> the mid-late '70s by just about everyone. Since then they have fallen
> off badly.

Now owned by Ford Motor Company.

Ford use to make some pretty decent inexpensive cars, and the Mustang is
a legend. Recent stuff is utter trash, with the exception of the
Panther chassis vehicles: Crown Victoria, Grand Marque, and Town Car.
They are made for industrial use. The CVs make dependable patrol and
pursuit units; the GMs are said to be good deals for brass leases, and
the TCs are for the livery industry. Until recently, none of them were
all that great for the consumer, low gas mileage, etc. Now, a good TC
will turn in mid to high 20's on the road, which makes it competitive
with the GM 3800V6s. Build quality? No contest.

Dropped by a Ford dealership whilst awaiting SWMBO, and was told that
Ford had certainly profited by having acquired Volvo. The new Ford 500
(?) is a rebadged Volvo or some such. Don't know what that says...

I well recall the Volvo P544: a miniature 46 Ford Sedan from the rear.
B1600 engine well tuned would put it fairly well placed in rallys and
such. So there was a time when Volvo had some panache :/

So, if you really like Rolexes, then why are they reputedly always in
the shop and supposedly very poor time keepers?