Lemania two minute stopwatch.

Hello all. I've looked allover the internet for an answer to my
question, but to no avail. I'm hoping you can help me. My Great
Grandfather raced cars in the fifties, and used a Lemania stopwatch to
time them. It has since come down to me, but it is very strange and I
can't even find a mention of it on the internet. The main dial is
white, marked of into increments of 20. At 100, and 200 there are a red
one, and two, respectively. 300 is 12 o'clock. There is one subdial,
divided into increments of 15 seconds. 1, in red, is at 6 o'clock,and
2, also in red, is at 12 o'clock. The watch, then, is used to time
peroids of less than two minutes in duration. Has anyone ever heard of
this kind of thing? What about this specific watch? Any idea when it
was made, how many there might be, or how much it might be worth? Thank
you for your help!