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And I like the look and feel of acrylic crystals. But I collect and wear vintage watches. AFIK the high domed and faceted crystals on the Art Deco styled watches in my collection just aren't available in anything but acrylic. Heck, they're not really available anymore. Best you can hope for is to find someone who can cut and polish one out of a block of acrylic.

My Art Deco watches made from the late 1920's and into the 1970's are some of the nicest watches I have ever seen. For the most part they are manual wind and neither water nor shock resistant. Consequently you must be very careful when, where and how you wear them. They are art, functional jewelery, precious items that must be cared for.

Richard "to each his own" F

Mij Adyaw wrote:

Acrylic scratches much easier than sapphire. I would not own a watch with an acrylic crystal.

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The price of flat sapphire crystals has come way down in the past few years. The Speedmaster that went to the moon had a domed acrylic crystal. So, for an authentic "Moon Watch" look a domed crystal is important. A domed sapphire crystal is still quite expensive.

Acrylic scratches but is easily polished. Sapphire can be scratched too but polishing is not an option.

Richard "partial to domed acrylic" F

Mij Adyaw wrote:

Why not get the Omega with a sapphire crystal. I do not understand why Omega still offers the Speedmaster Moon Watch with a plastic crystal. It does not make any sense because the price is the same to get the watch with a sapphire crystal.