Mobile generator project

Wanted a basic, durable, low wattage, long run time generator for family, friends, or customers, that will do all the basic necessities for an extended period of time, without having to store and rotate a pile of jerry jugs of gasoline. I wanted something easily transportable as well. I decided the best available solution was a stripped down light tower. After a few months of scoping Ebay, I found this Magnum MLT-3060. It's a 2004 with a 3 cylinder Mitsubishi L3E diesel, and only 525 hours on it.It has a 6KW Marathon pancake generator, and a 30 gallon diesel tank, so at full load it'' run for around three days. It was owned by the city of NY, bridges and tunnels authority, and unfortunately, I think it spent it's life sitting in a tunnel, with water dripping on it, so it had way more rust than a machine of it's vintage should. Here are some pix of my clean up/conversion project: