Independence Day Weather Tragedy 2012

Independence Day may bring many Americans an independence they never
expected as they enter another world due to heat related deaths. The
temperature is expected to rise upwards to 210 to 230 degrees F.
Firework have been cancelled in many regions around the USA because of
fire risks, while the insurance companies are demanding that our
patriotism is going to cost them a fortune if we light these fireworks.
After all, our nation is ruled by insurance companies and lawyers, while
the president of the USA gets a huge salary for doing nothing.

For those regions who still decide to do their usual fireworks displays,
it's expected that the air temperatures may rise another 10 to 20
degrees F after these aerial displays, due to the added heat from these
fireworks. Portions of the country are also under severe storm
warnings, with high winds and possibly tornados, which will likely occur
at the same time these fireworks are exploding. It's being suggested
that a strong tornado will vacuum up entire fireworks displays in the
midwest and ignite them as a fireball of destructive activity across the
entire continent of North America. Power will be knocked out for over
half the nation, communication systems will fail, and millions will die
in the process!

The preceeding does not take into account the fact that solar flares are
already causing havoc with communications systems, which conbined, may
bring down the entire communications system, causing complete and total
failure of the internet, cellphones, satellite television, the power
grid, and more.....

Happy Independence Day 2012

We may meet again someday!!!