OT: Coffee and #$%@$Keurig

I like coffee and I drink a fair amount. I'm not that fussy. I drink
it black, no flavor, nothing added, you get the picture. I enjoy the
occasional esspresso and would drink it more if it was convienent and
relatively cheap. What I really want is decent Joe fast and easy.

I've tried percolators, drip brewers, french press, instant, and
coffee bags. And then I got a Keurig.

The Kerig makes acceptable coffee. More than good enough for me. It
wins hands down on convenience, speed, and ease of use and cleanup.

One problem: the machines themselves are crap. They just don't hold
up. Read the comments on amazon or any other board you like and
you'll see it over and over: "I love my keurig when it works, but it
never works".

I use double filtered water, descale regularly, follow all the
instructions, yada yada. Machines are still crap. I'm on my third in
a couple of years and have had enough.

So....looking at pod machines, CBTL machines, ESE, etc.

If you love the way you make coffee and it meets my priorities of
decent coffee, fast, easy to use and clean up, and RELIABLE equipment,
tell me what you got. I'm the only coffee drinker in the house so
single serve is ideal, and most of the time the Joe's going in a
travel mug. Oh yeah, $200 is the high end.


Paul F.