Electric paint sprayers

I saw an article on paint sprayers and wondered based on your
experience, which are the best for home use and why? I know most
serious painters don't consider electric but I figure just for home
use, it shouldn't be so bad. Things I'm thinking of ... ease of use,
cleanup, decent flowrate, availability of parts in case of repair,
etc... . Any gotchas when buying or using one of these?

Is it wise to consider it for painting inside a home with carpet /
furniture? Maybe a roller is still better??? Perhaps this is better
for outside use vs inside use? I know I spray painted a house inside
years ago with gas powered compressor and the prep work was a pain.
The paint job was gorgeous but we had to do the trim work by hand.
Back then, the house was missing the carpet so the floor was no
problem with the spray dust / mist.