Can Coleman Stoves use regular gasoline?

I no longer own one of these old stoves, but as a child, I recall my dad
said you had to use "White Gas" and could never use "red gas" from the
gas station. But back then, red gas meant leaded gas, and the reason
for not using it was because the lead would clog something in the stove
(not sure what).

Anyhow, a friend just got one of these old stoves and wants to know what
to burn. I know Coleman fuel is costly, and gas stations no longer sell
the stuff called "white gas".

Yet, no gasoline contains lead anymore, and it's all white in color.
(actually clear). Therefore, I cant see why a person cant just use any
standard unleaded gasoline?

Anyone know?

(Personally, I prefer propane camping stoves. Easier to use and safer).