Re: Propane OPD tank question

Ed Pawlowski wrote:
"Jon Danniken" wrote:

I dunno, I only fill my little one pounder when the big bottle is
fresh from the refiller (the local U-Haul store). When the big one
runs out (right after I put the steaks on the grill, of course), I
have the little one to finish dinner plus another dinner before I
have to go be the big one filled again.

You don't have a spare 20# tank? I keep a total of four tanks for
grill, smoker, two spares. Of course, two are empty right now so
thanks for the reminder.

Not in active use, no, but I do have three tanks: one 20# tank for propane,
one 20# tank that I use as a portable air (compressed) tank, and another 20#
tank I use
as a vacuum reservoir for sucking brake fluid when I bleed the lines.

The last two are out of date, of course.