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What's a good brand of chainsaw?

Stihl or Husqvarna.

I've found, over the years, that most of the time when a person tells
that [most-expensive
brand] is the only brand of [object] that's worth buying, he's not
to convince *me* of that.

He's trying to reassure *himself* that he didn't waste his money when
bought his.

Actually, what reinforces my belief that I bought a good chain saw
is hearing all the whiners who are looking for a new chain saw after
two or three years of normal use with their el cheapo chain saws.

Uh-huh. Keep telling yourself that.

You're right, Doug. You're always right. I mean, you wrote it, so it
be right. And you just keep on sawing two branches a year with your
saw, there. Anyone who cuts more than a cord a winter knows the real
about chain saws. The rest are just occasional users, and any old thing
will work.

If you only cut a cord a year, you wasted your money.

FWIW, I just finished cutting up a fallen tree in my back yard, a large
cherry about 60 years
old. We had to haul close to half of it to the dump because it was full of
termites. After
splitting and stacking the rest, it amounts to around 2/3 cord -- would
have been over a cord,
definitely, if the wood had all been sound. The saw? A 16" Poulan that I
bought at Lowe's
about ten years ago -- which, according to you, is just a toy.

Conclusion: you're FOS.

That is what I love about things. You can choose what you want. Shit or
good products.

You're the expert on the former, apparently. Some day, perhaps you will learn you can get
the latter without spending top dollar.

Or perhaps you won't.