Re: The electrical savings begin...

On May 4, 10:50 am, dennisga...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Thursday, April 19, 2012 6:52:34 PM UTC-4, Jon Danniken wrote:
Some people value their privacy, especially when in their own homes.
Others, like yourself, look forward to the day when a daily cavity search
becomes mandatory.

Some people have a warped sense of what privacy is. You may be surprised to find out how much of your personal information, that people can actually use to do bad things to you, is a matter of PUBLIC RECORD and accessible to anyone.

In fact the Federal Government has unfettered access to ALL of it! Isn't that what you fear most? They've got enough info on you right now to screw your great-grandchildren.

Classic example of paranoia was a poster here that
claimed his electric power company was charging him
some strange fee. He refused to tell us the name of
the utility because he claimed we could use it for
identity theft. Either a loon or a liar.