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Let me guess. By calling 911 and demanding to know whose fault was it?
"Somebody better do something about it"

I knew some folks who would have something go wrong. They would spend hours
arguing whose fault was it, and no time at all fixing whatever it was that

I'm remembering the woman who was on the news a few months ago. Had about a
dozen kids living in one room, and telling the world someone better do
something about it.

You mean this one?  The one where the mother of 15 kids
says.......................... Video at 2:20
"Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay."

Holy crap, sterilize that bitch before she pops out a few more kids.

If the law allows someone to sterilize her, then how many
people's opinion that the same should be done to you would
be required before you were comfortable with allowing the
government the authority to perform that procedure on anyone
against their will ?

~~ Evan