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The physical therapist is where the majority of back pain cases should

   There are three subjects doctors know nothing about and should be

ignored when they pretend to: sex, diet and lower back pain.

      Joel N. Shurkin on the NASW mailing list

"Even I realized that money was to politicians what the ecalyptus tree is to koala bears: food, water, shelter and something to crap on."
 ---PJ O'Rourke

A car when compared to the human body is a relatively simple machine
but do you think that any single individual could know every single
specificatioin on even a single automobile let alone all autos? There
are only a few tens of thousands of different automobiles in the world
and all of them have at one time or another had all of their
specifications totally documented. That is not the case with the 7
billion unique individuals on this planet. There are no blueprints,
no specifications, and no replacement parts that can be substituted
with a guarantee of suitability for intended use but we expect our
local all knowing doctor to know exactly what is wrong with us from
our partial list of complaints and be able to cure us without fail and
cheap too. What will work wonders for one person could actually kill
another and there is virtually no way to know it in advance.

All of the collective knowledge of all the doctors in the world still
can not fully explain the interactions of all of the parts within a
single human being. The amount of knowledge has increased by several
orders of magnatude in the last 50 years but we still have orders of
magnatude to go before we can begin to understand and appreciated the
complexity of the human being.

And it all happened by accident.