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Please be careful, folks. I've not met these people. But, I'm an
email friend of Steve Spence. I've written to ask what the needs
are. The house was a total loss, and there was no insurance.

Be careful. I was reminded last Wednesday that a negligent truck
driver can total my Blazer, in an instant. A moment of inattention
to fireplace ashes, and the house is gone.

I've emailed Steve (who is out of town at the moment, and has
internet). What are the family's needs. Might be something we on
AHR can help with.

What did you have in mind for us to help your pen pal? Should we
all pitch in and email him a whisk broom and dust pan so he can
virtually clean up the remains?

What does "there was no insurance" mean? Houses don't come with
insurance the way they come with plumbing and electricity. The
homeowner actually has to seek that out and pay for it.

Maybe we should all pay for it, like we do anyway whenever there is a
bad flood in a floodplain. Cheap SOB's don't get insurance and live
in a floodplain. Why do our taxes pay them to rebuild?

A few years back there was a series of floods and fires down in Malibu
and other wealthy L.A. burbs. Multi-millionaires all over TV, crying
about how the mansion they built 10' from the edge of the ocean bluff
was lost to a storm, or the mansion in the canyon destroyed by fire.
Too bad they weren't asleep in their beds when it happened, I say.

The city of Hudson, Wisconsin (9 miles from my own hometown) was built
on the beaches of the St. Croix river, and it used to be underwater
every 3-5 years until the stupid white people moved to higher ground.
The local indians told them not to build that close to the river, but
what does a damn indian know?

They know the best place to watch a flood from is THEIR house on the