Re: Setting the Intermatic DT500CL digital self adjusting timer is impossible

On Sat, 24 Jul 2010 17:11:51 -0700, GHenry wrote:
I have the same timer. The simplest I can distill the if/then/else
instructions to is to assume you simply want the timer to turn on every
single day at 8:30 pm and to turn off at 2am ever morning.

Read the reviews on Amazon for the Intermatic DT500CL and you'll not find a
single person who recommends it out of those who bought it!

The way more complicated version of an analog timer, December 7, 2008
By K. Park (Sunnyvale, CA)
This review is from: Intermatic DT500CL 10 Amp Indoor Digital Timer, White
(Tools & Hardware)
Don't waste your time with this timer. At first glance it seems cool with
the clockface and the side scroll wheel. Even though it is digital, you
cannot enter exact times (e.g. 6:45). You just mark the approximate
location on the clockface for when to start and stop. So basically, this is
the digital equivalent of the analog timers where you slot in the pegs. But
at least the analog timers are way cheaper and easier to use. I had to
study the instructions to figure out how to set the times. If you want a
digital timer, get the DT300 or the DT121 instead.

Don't Bother with This, March 8, 2009
By Ragtop Girl
This review is from: Intermatic DT500CL 10 Amp Indoor Digital Timer, White
(Tools & Hardware)
I would give this negative stars if I could. I've used digital timers for
years and am pretty good at operating them. This one is the most difficult
I have ever used and I will be replacing it.

Poor programming interface.., January 17, 2010
By Eric Schiff (Syracuse, NY USA)
This review is from: Intermatic DT500CL 10 Amp Indoor Digital Timer, White
(Tools & Hardware)
After about 30 minutes of playing with this device and reading the manual,
I concluded that I'd rather discard it than waste more time with it. This
agrees with most earlier reviewers. A poor interface design from a
generally reliable company.

Not for someone who wants to skip the instructions, November 24, 2009
By C. M. Carroll "JAF3BDR" (Florida)
This review is from: Intermatic DT500CL 10 Amp Indoor Digital Timer, White
(Tools & Hardware)
Buy if you need a two-prong, weekday / weekend, 10A timer. Otherwise, go
with the DT620, a grounded, 15A unit. With considerable practice, you'll
acquire the 500's completely counter-intuitive programing steps. However,
the 620 has a vastly larger menu of useful choices and parallels the norms
of other electronic timer programing steps. Why the 620's firmware couldn't
have been used with this hardware is a mystery. The prior unit model (the
DT500CH vs. ..500CL) was so successful, Intermatic has it on one-third
clearance at their Intermatic Store website.

Maddeningly non-intuitive, May 14, 2009
By Clear-eyed (GA, USA)
This review is from: Intermatic DT500CL 10 Amp Indoor Digital Timer, White
(Tools & Hardware)
Once you get this monster programmed, it works like a champ. I especially
like the battery back-up, in case the power goes out when I'm out of town.
But programming it is really a bear. The instructions don't explain how to
make a programming change "stick" -- you have to press the Event button
again after changing the settings. I finally wrote this on the instruction
sheet so that I can change the time on the timer in less than 1/2 hour and
with fewer cuss words.


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