Re: Where to get Bentonite clay (Home Depot? Target?)

Jim Elbrecht wrote:
On Thu, 18 Mar 2010 12:52:35 -0700, LM
<xxxvte.lisa.meisnerxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'd like to get a handful of bentonite clay but am unsure where to
get it.

Any suggestions?

I tried Home Depot and Target but they didn't have it in my area.

Ebay- Amazon- Google shopping. So it takes a week to get it-- buy
some & go to the next project on the to-do list. [if this is for the
last project on your to-do list, where are you? I could use some help
with mine.<g>]


clumping kitty litter is frequently (but not always) bentonite. this is used
in pottery glazes and in bronze foundry work, so a ceramics supply can get
it if they don't have it.

what are you using it for?


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