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Wayne Boatwright wrote:
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My church is about to connect to the Internet. We're going to add DSL
to the existing phone service, and I don't have any experience with
DSL (just cable.)

I talked to "Jessica" this afternoon the Phone Company's help line and
asked about equipment and wiring requirements, but she was no help at
all. She did seem cheerful tho'.

The NID is located outside on a block wall, and it looks like Plain
Old Telephone wire feeds into the building. There's a couple of feet
of loosely coiled POTS wire, then that connects to 75 feet of
telephone flat cord to the only telephone using just twisted
connections and wirenuts. (At least the phone has a modular jack.)

I'm gonna be added several phones (just one line for now) and will
probably run CAT3 or CAT5e cable for all the phone lines and CAT5e for
the one Ethernet line. I'm just about to the question.

Is that 2 or 3 foot section of POTS where the phone service comes thru
the outside wall going to hurt my DSL data rate? And should I put in
a DSL splitter, or just use the filters that the phone company
provides? I think the answers to those 2 questions are "yes, but not
enough to worry about" and "buy a splitter and put it as close as
possible to the NID"


We now have Cox cable broadband, but in our previous house only DSL was
avaialble. The house had been pre-wired for phones. We could have
connected our DSL modem to any of the phone outlets and had the same
DSL performance. We did install the suggested filters at each phone.
The object of the filters is to minimize DSL interference on the
phones. AFAIK, the filters had nothing to do with the DSL performance.
We did not have a splitter nor was one ever discussed or suggested.
All of our wiring was standard phone line (2 twisted pairs). All
interior connections were on the same twisted pair, so there was no
separation between phone an DSL.

Thanks Wayne. The existing wiring is not twisted pairs, some of it is
the old JK cable and some is flat cable, and the splices are
atrocious. I'm concerned more about noise from the phones degrading
the DSL performance than DSL noise interfering with voice. I've about
talked myself into installing one of these for about $30 or $40:

But that might be overkill; it would not be hard to tear out all the
existing phone wire and replace it with twisted pair cable -- except
for that little section where it goes thru the outside wall to get to
the NID...


Bob, with the hodge podge of wiring you described, I'd be more inclined to
run new twisted pair lines throughout, including through the wall to the
NID. Going through a wall isn't usually that difficult. I've even done it
with a straightened coathanger and a nylon cord attached to the end to pull
the wiring. Think about might work for you.

The POTS splitter isn't a bad idea, but I don't really think it's


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