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When testing my battery powered backup sump pump a few weeks ago, I
noticed it wasn't pumping any water (it was making noise like it was
trying to).  I disconnected and then re-connected the pipe and it
seemed to start working again.  Now a few weeks later, I checked it
and had the same problem, and again it was resolved by disconnecting
and re-connecting the pipe.

The battery is only a couple years old and the water levels look fine..

Any idea what could be going on?


Air lock? Is there a little hole (1/8+ inch diameter and unclogged) in
the discharge pipe below the checkvalve?

I looked and didn't see any holes.  I should also mention there
appears to be two check valves installed in the line.. One right
before the connection to the pump and one at the 90 degree turn in the
pipe toward the wall.  Does the hole need to be above the water line?
If so it may not be possible if it has to be below the first check
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Two check valves ??? Where do the two output lines from the main and
standby pumps come together, or are they completely separate, pls
describe the situation in a little more detail.