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I have a Quadra-Fire (Mount Vernon) pellet stove. This will be the
third winter I have had this one. I seem to be getting a bit more of a
smoke odor in the house than usual. I can't see where the smoke is
getting out of the stove from but I expect it is either getting past
the door or ash pan gasket.

Have any of you replaced the gaskets on your stove? Are they glued in
and difficult to replace or just pressed in?


Usually the rope gaskets are glued in with a special adhesive but they
don't seem to fail often. Check that you've thoroughly cleaned all the
nooks and crannies before the season. On some pellet stoves a complete
seasonal cleaning requires removing baffles or brickboard and the fans
to clean out behind them. Also a good time to put a drop or two of
synthetic motor oil (like Mobil 1, particularly good for high temp
use) on the fan bearings (bushings).

Most pellet stoves work on negative pressure and if the combustion air
feed (supply) or damper passages are restricted they can burn oddly.

Some stoves allow air flow into the burn area from around or at the
top edge of the glass so make sure those areas are clean and
unrestricted. I use a business card to see if there's clearance around
or at the top edge of the glass.

If the exhaust fan has enough built up ash that can cause a problem
with smoke in the room.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I did take the stove pipe out yesterday to see if it was plugged but
it was ok. My stove pipe goes from the stove straight out through the
wall so there is not much vertical lift for the exhaust. I will see
about removing the exhaust fan housing to see if there is build up

I have had the techs from the store where I bought the stove out
several times over the two winters I've had it. They seem to have no
specific training on the stoves and seem to be learning as they go
which I find irritating to pay such a large hourly service fee for
someone to learn on the job.

The manual says that cleaning the exhaust blower should be done yearly
so when I had the tech out early in the second winter, I asked him
about it and all he did was reach in there somewhere and pull out a
couple of tufts of cat hair. He did not take it apart or anything.

Except for some of the electronics, I feel like I am nearly as
competent to work on the stove as he is so I decided to head to the
web and do some research.


I've seen pellet stoves that have the "EZ install" or as I call it,
the cheap and problematic install, have troubles with smoke in the
room that baffle the dealer.

With the short horizontal pipe run out the wall and the end being in
close proximity to the outer wall there's isn't as much draw as there
should be. Less draw out the vent = less velocity in the burn chamber
= less negative pressure than optimum = smoke smell in the room.

If you want to see if that is the problem then here's an EZ way...
have the dealer lend you a "clean-out T" and a bunch of vent pipe and
a wind cap. Put the T on the end of the vent pipe with one opening
down (with cap) for clean out and one opening up. Add enough vent pipe
to the UP leg to go past the roof line by at least 2 feet and put a
wind cap on that.

Don't forget that above certain altitudes you must go to 4" vent pipe
instead of 3".

If that test remedies the problem then you've proved that the "cheap
and EZ" install that home owner's love and dealer's like to use to
close the sale is not for you.

Please post what you find out.