Re: How do I keep robins from pecking at my window/pooping on my deck?

"Jordan" <none@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Every spring right through to the end of the summer I have a robin or two
that love to peck at my windows. They start about 5:30 in the morning and
come back every hour or two. Very very irritating!

In years past I have been very tolerant of the bird spit on my windows,
but this year the robin is crapping all over the deck. It / they sit on
the window sill and crap there and on the deck and sit on the railing and
crap on it and the deck. Also I can't even park my car in the driveway
near the deck because they or it craps all over that too. I really can't
believe how much crap comes out of these things

I know it has a nest under the deck so in the fall I am going to clear it
out and screen in the ledges under the deck so the can't come back next
year, but I need to keep them off my deck this year because it is
ridiculous. What can I do to keep them away from the deck and stop them
from pecking on my windows and crapping on my car?

Pardon my being "bad" and then I will offer a real suggestion or two. Clear
the $200 worth of junk out of the garage and park your 20K plus auto in the
garage where it and the gas it contains belongs and will be safe. I am
constantly amazed at the people who treasure junk more than their cars.

The only times I have ever know birds to peck at a window is if the window
harbors tasty insect morsels OR the bird can see its own reflection and
wants to kiss. The insects may be the easier of the two problems to solve.
A board with nails driven all the way through placed on the ledge may
discourage landing. A single strand of mono-filament line stretched from
one side to the other may do the same. Something strong enough to trip them
and not strong enough to support their weight.

They same method will discourage landing on a deck rail.

A fake owl placed where they can see it may also scare them away.



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