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First Question:
We have a Oil Fired Furnace supplying our domestic hot water.

No you don't. You have a boiler. Furnaces heat air, boilers heat water.

We are finding little partiles of like rust/sand in the water. Is
there a filter made for hot water? What brand is the best?

Second Question:
We are finding not a lot of pressure in the hot water. Is there a pump
you can add to the hot water outlet side to increase pressure? We are
on an artisan well if that matters.

You have other problems, likely a clogged coil. That explains the
particles in the water as well as the low pressure. I don't know if
they can be cleaned out or if it has to be replaced. If it is old,
chances are it is shot.

thanks for the reply, but I knew something was wrong with coil in my
"BOILER", but you still never answered my questions.


Bottom posting will help this discussion progress more smoothly.

Edwin probably assumed you had the ability to extrapolate from what he
said to the next logical idea: You need to first determine if the coil is
the problem, and then fix it if necessary. Adding a filter will just mask
the real problem.

Water pressure: Did the problems coincide with the debris problem?

I'm fine with masking the problem until i have to fix the problem, $300 is
not in my budget right now.

Yes and No about the depris. A number of things happened. My plumber
installed a water softener and at the same time screwed around with the
pressure tank's pressure settings, i'm not sure what the problem is. Could
be the water softener, pressure tank or clogged coil.