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I know that wheelbarrows come in all sorts of sizes...but I was
wondering, for the standard size wheelbarrow one might get at Ace
Hardware or Home Depot, how much dirt one can carry...not so much that
it spills as its carried. I'm basically looking at a ball part figure.

I need to get 8-10 cubic yards of soil and was wondering how many trips
(approximate) I'll need to make to get it from the front yard to the
back yard.

There is no such thing as "Standard Size". I own several wheelbarrows
and each holds a different amount. Why not measure the amount by
building a one foot square box and filling it. Then see how many fill
the whellbarrow.

Good idea to do the volume experiemnet
but use a 5 gallon bucket

1 cu ft = 7.5 gallons

5 gallon bucket = 5/7.5 cu ft

I think figuring 3 to 4 cu ft per load would be about right

I estimate about 8 or 9 loads per cu yd.


That makes sense and saves building a box.
I think you are about right on those amounts. If I recall correctly,
I purchased an extra large wheelbarrow last year and I think it said
5.5 Cu Ft. Most new ones are labelled, but the labels are paper and
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How much it will hold is moot in any case. He isn't going to be able
to wheel it if he fills it full.

Harry K