Re: How much PSI can this pump produce?

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I have a Magnetek 1081 PB4 Booster Pump, 3/4 hp, 3450 rpm - part
#173840-20 attached to my pool to run a pool cleaner. I don't have the
official specs for it so would anyone know how to calculate how much PSI
this pump can/should produce?

Thank you.

I think most pumps are rated Gallons per minute GPM. pool system run at
a very low PSI 10 to 20.

That's interesting because the cleaner that it's attached to says that
it needs between 20 and 25 PSI for it to be completely effective. You'd
think that they would say between X and Y GPM?

Flow rate is dependent on PSI, so they pick the one that's of most
importance to the device to spec it. This device cares more about
pressure than flow rate.

With a freshly cleaned sand filter, my pool pump produces about
15PSI on the manifold's pressure guage. As the sand filter
gunks up, the pressure rises.

My pump will produce about 35PSI if the outlet is completely plugged.

[We've tee'd the discharge system into a fire hose. If you shut
the fire hose's nozzle off, pump pressure hits 35PSI.]
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